Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Posted by T. Keresztes on Sep 29th 2022

Announcing Copeful™️ app built with Love from the My Girls' Community with YOU in Mind...

A cancer diagnosis is a heart stopping moment that comes with so many feelings, ranging from despair to anxiety, fear and loss of hope. Our My Girls’ Community of Survivors, Warriors, Fighters, Clinicians and Caregivers know how you feel…we have been through it all. In fact this is how Copeful™️ came to be; a compilation of what we have learned about coping and finding hope, including taking constructive action and getting help controlling anxiety during difficult times. 

This Spring, we will send our community a link to download the app available on the Apple and Google stores. 

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Thank you for joining our community, we are stronger together.

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