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I can't find my tracking number:

Order confirmations are sent via email from upon checkout and again 24 hours later with your tracking number.  Please copy and paste your tracking number into a browser to obtain in transit information from your carrier.

When will I receive my order?

Orders ship Monday - Friday (before 6:30 AM EST) and arrive within 3-8 business days. Orders received after 6:30 AM Friday are processed on Monday as our warehouse is closed weekends.

Priority shipping is delayed by 1 day when accounting for weekends and holidays. 

PLEASE NOTE: We ship via DHL Ecommerce which hands off mail orders to USPS for final delivery which may affect delivery times depending on your geographic area.

Mail delays & missing mail:

if your order does not arrive within USPS specified timeframes, you may contact USPS and submit a missing mail search. Priority orders may also file a claim or request a refund and receive up to $50 in free insurance on lost parcels from USPS.

What stores carry My Girls™ and My Guys™ Skin Care cream?

You may find a local retailer on under Retailers.

Is My Girls™ or My Guys™ Skin Care cream a drug or a cosmetic?

Our products are over-the-counter skin care moisturizer creams with the intended use of maintaining the healthy appearance of the skin.  Our products are not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease nor intended to affect the structure or any function of the body.

Does My Girls™ or My Guys™ Skin Care cream test on animals?

Our products are not tested on animals.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture our custom formulas in Hungary and Oregon’s Williamette Valley due to similar growing conditions and rich soil which are perfect for our sensitive skincare product line.

What safety and quality assurance reviews do your products undergo?

Our products are subject to the European Communities stringent quality assurance and safety checks manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 quality and environmental management system introduced in April 2006.

Is My Girls™ Skin Care cream and My Guys™ Skin Care cream gluten-free?

Our products are gluten-free. It is important to note that gluten-containing skin care products and cosmetics aren't a problem unless you accidentally swallow them. For this reason, avoid using such products on your lips or around your mouth. Also, avoid using gluten-containing dental products, such as certain mouthwashes and toothpastes. If you're uncertain about whether a product contains gluten, check the ingredient list on the product label or contact the manufacturer.  More information available here @ and

Can I Use My Girls™ or My Guys™ Skin Care cream for Rosacea?

Yes, key ingredients of calendula and rosemary, natural herbs with anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce the appearance of rosacea, specifically to calm redness and bumps associated with rosacea and improve the appearance of the skin. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using these treatments. Additionally, useful reading material is available here @ The Rosacea Forum

Can I Use My Girls™ for Eczema?

Topical creams and salves containing one or more of the following herbs may help relieve itching and burning related to ezcema, and promote healing. The best evidence is for chamomile (Matricaria recutita) creams. Chickweed (Stellaria media), marigold (Calendula officinalis), and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) may also help. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using these treatments. Additionally, useful reading material is available here @ University of Maryland Medical Center - Topic: Ezcema

Does My Girls™ contain alcohol?

My Girls Skin Care does not contain alcohol, the statement ”alcohol free” on a cosmetic label refers to ethanol alcohol. Cosmetics products may contain other compounds that are labelled as alcohols based on their chemical composition.  My Girls cream contains stearyl alcohol which is a mixture of two large molecular weight alcohol-type compounds that are vegetable in origin. This mixture has a natural origin and because of its advantageous properties and consistency, it is commonly used in body lotions and cosmetics.

I just opened my My Girls™ / My Guys™ Skin Care cream and it is greyish/white in color. Is it okay to use? 

Yes, the product is perfectly safe to use. As we do not use dye to color our skincare products, the color of My Girls/Guys varies from greyish/white to yellowish/white depending upon the calendula (marigold) color at harvest time.

I have allergies, is My Girls' safe to use? 

Herbs and plants can trigger side effects and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, you should take herbs with care, under the supervision of a health care provider.


Calendula is generally considered safe to use on your skin. DO NOT apply it to an open wound without a doctor's supervision. People who are allergic to plants in the daisy or aster family, including chrysanthemums and ragweed, may also have an allergic reaction to calendula (usually a skin rash).

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use calendula. In theory, calendula could interfere with conception, and possibly cause miscarriage, so couples trying to get pregnant should not use calendula.

There are no known scientific reports of interactions between calendula and conventional or herbal medications. In theory, taking calendula orally may interact with medications, so talk to your doctor before combining medications with calendula. 

Propylene glycol:

Between 0.8 and 3.5% of people are allergic to propylene glycol (1% included in My Girls and My Guys Skin Care cream). In this case, a rash may develop in sensitive people when their skin comes into contact with products that contain it, such as shampoo or moisturizer.  For more information, please consult resources below:

My Girls Skin Care products are intended for topical use only.

How do I order samples?

We supply product sample starter kits to treatment centers in case sizes. For information on ordering, please email our Customer Support Team at Contact Us - we are happy to assist you!