Calming Calendula & Green Tea Aids Radiated Skin Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Calming Calendula & Green Tea Aids Radiated Skin Side Effects of Cancer Treatments...

When our founder, Theresa Keresztes underwent radiaton therapy for a new breast cancer diagnosis in 2019, her treatment plan included a brass bolus; a maille-like piece of flexible material placed on top of the skin to increase the radiation dose to the area and tissues right below it. A radiation oncology nurse told her about the use of calendula tea when cooled and placed in a sitz bath by patients undergoing rectal cancer radiaton. When Theresa again learned from a veterinary radiation oncology technician about animals using tea to cool radiation burns in a sitz bath, she decided to give it a try to comfort tight and burned skin after her treatments ended. It proved to be a wonderfully soothing combination when used with her old standby; My Girls™ Skin Care cream.  We are excited to share with others this wonderfully cooling and soothing unique blend of Calendula and Green loose tea that may be used as a beverage, brewed both hot and cold or when cooled and used in a sitz bath for larger areas that need comfort.

Our unique blend of Calendula and Green tea contains Young Hyson, a well-rounded green tea picked in the season before the rains begin.  This special comination when brewed creates a golden color due to * Organic Calendula which may also be used in baking or to color stews a rich golden hue.  

Although once common, oral consumption of Calendula is a bit rare today. More commonly, Calendula is used as it is in our popular My Girls Cream, as a topical agent blended in creams, lotions and ointments to aid a whole host of sensitive skin conditions, to soothe over-exposure to the sun, eczema and as a way to comfort the skin side effects of cancer treatments such as radiation therapy.