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Be Nice to Your Breasts - Linda G.

Be Nice to Your Breasts - Linda G.

Apr 20th 2016

I'm Linda Griffith and on October of 2009, in my early 60s, I was diagnosed with stage one invasive breast cancer followed shortly thereafter by surgery. And at the point after that, I had to make decisions about my treatment, and I knew that I wanted to participate and try and have control as much as I could over the disease and the treatment of the disease.

So I studied it intensively and made decisions not to have chemo, based on CDC studies and discussions with my oncologist. And made a decision when I went into radiation, based on a gift from a friend, to use My Girls skin cream. One nurse in the facility I'd gone to knew the cream and helped me convince the radiation oncologist that it would be a good idea for me to use it.

And it worked wonderfully throughout my treatment, and I continued to use it after my treatment as well and never encountered any sun burn or burns whatsoever, just a very light tan during my treatment. And it's allowed me to continue to take a life where I take control and spend more time with my family and friends and the latest addition to my family, my grandson, Zachary.