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About Us

About Us

Dec 3rd 2018

From our inception in September of 2008, our skin care line is formulated in Hungary with key ingredients of Hungarian Calendula Officianalis Extract (indigenous to Eastern Europe) and Bulgarian Rose Petal Extract that help maintain the beauty of healthy skin and reduce inflammation and redness naturally. Our products do not contain parabens, fragrance, dyes, toxins, nickel, chromium nor aluminum and are formulated using high-quality ingredients with a focus on formulas for sensitive skin. We use plant-derived proteins, herbal extracts, minerals, natural essential oils and vegetable emulsifiers working with a team of of dermatologists, chemists, and pharmacologists who have developed and refined our unique formulas over thirty years.

Good Manufacturing Practices We emphasize good manufacturing practices for plant-based cosmetics to meet quality standards and ensure safe and effective cosmetics products. Our key ingredients are Hungarian water and Calendula, which is the most important part of our formulations. Our technologically advanced and unique conservation solution eliminates the use of chemical preservatives in our formulas and provides 18 months of natural shelf life using black radish and natural ingredients approved by European nature conservation organizations.

In every batch, products are tracked and audited using ISO9001 and ISO22716 (cosmetic GMP) quality management system as well as the NATRUE and ECOCERT audits for naturally occurring cosmetics. We use the safest, most environmentally friendly ingredients available and we continually update our products to meet rigorousEuropean Community standards:

  • No fillers
  • No SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens, DEAs (Diethanolamine), MEAs (Stearamide), or TEAs (Triethanolamine)
  • No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Cold pressed plant oils to protect therapeutic properties of plant oils
  • No animal testing.

Company Background Radiant Sun was founded by Theresa Keresztes, a breast cancer survivor who discovered a cream made in Hungary which she used to treat her skin discomfort after she developed radiation dermatitis shortly after her breast cancer radiation treatments began in 2008. She used the calendula cream after two weeks into her radiation therapy treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital when her skin became unbearably itchy and red due to the skin side effects of radiation therapy. She later refined the cream for others experiencing radiation-induced dermatitis and today it is most often recommended by radiation oncology clinicians for helping to relieve skin side effects of breast, esophogeal and head and neck radiation. Our products have been tested in US cancer treatments centers and are recommended by clinicians for people with sensitive, overly compromised and burned skin due to radiation therapy and also to soothe the skin side effects of chemotherapy and to diminish the appearance of post-surgical wounds.

Profits from the sale of My Girls™ Skin Care support cancer research and charitable, literary, scientific research and educational measures relative to quality of life measures during treatment through My Girls Gala, Inc., our 501(c)(3). We established the My Girls Gala Inc. in 2009 to celebrate the lives of women enduring breast cancer treatments with a fashion fundraiser that was the first event of its kind in the Boston area to feature breast cancer survivors as runway models. We hope to grow our organization to fund women's cancer centers and research globally as well as other charitable, literary, scientific research and education relative to improving patient comfort and quality of life measures during treatment for cancer.

Disclaimer: Our product line is intended to be used as over the counter aids in maintaining the appearance of healthy skin, for topical use only and all products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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