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​Allergies & Sensitive Skin

Posted by MPetra on Jul 26th 2018

According to dermatologists, allergic skin symptoms can be explained, among other things, by the fact that people use more and more types of skincare preparations that contain sensitive ingredients. For example, ingredients such as fragrance, emlusifiers, dyes, and chemical preservative when combined can be problematic to sensitive skin and skin allergies. Thin and lighter skin is even more susceptible as is dry skin that may become irritated. Additionally, pollutants (e.g. chromium, nickel) in the formula may be a hazard to the skin during the manufacture process. Therefore, it is especially important for people with children, allergies, and sensitive skin to avoid cosmetics containing chemical agents.

Calendula is contained in nearly all of My Girls Skin Care formulas for its benefits with improving the skin, reducing inflammation and soothing irritation, yet people with allergies to the daisy family should use caution and consult an allergist or dermatologist prior to using calendula-based skincare. 

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