Tips for Thinning Hair Due to Cancer Treatments

Tips for Thinning Hair Due to Cancer Treatments

Posted by Amk on Mar 15th 2023

What is Happening to My Hair!?

A few tips we have learned at My Girls Skin Care over the years from our staff and customers are listed below for help with thinning hair problems due to the multitude of cancer treatments including chemotherapy, hormonal changes and stress that can cause hair loss, thinning and breakage:

Apply Castor Oil - use castor oil made from castor beans has natural benefits for thinning hair:

Hydrate and moisturize hair - Castor oil hydrates the hair and scalp and is packed with Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids which fortify the hair with moisture. Castor oil helps trap moisture and seals hair strands.

Healthy and shiny hair - Castor oil is a natural conditioner that keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and soft. This oil contains amounts of oleic and linoleic acids and can restore normalcy to hair. When massaged this oil helps increase blood circulation that improves hair growth. Castor oil has emollient properties making it ideal for dry and damaged hair.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties - The application of castor oil to the scalp protects against bacterial and fungal infections that may affect the scalp. Castor oils can reduce inflammation and dandruff caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis and eczema.

Boost hair growthMassaging the scalp with products that contain castor oil such as My Girls' Organic Scalp Treatment that can also increase blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. The potential castor oil benefits for hair come from its healthy constituents like fatty acids and antioxidants. These may improve hair health.

Organic Scalp Treatment

Other tips include:

  • Consider buying a hair fall that matches your hair color and attach to your crown to give the appearance of thicker hair.

  • Search for shampoos and conditioners that contain rosemary.  Rosemary, an herb known for its properties for helping hair appear thicker and healthier has many natural benefits as part of a natural, plant-based hair care routine, especially for enhancing shine and smoothing hair texture.

Disclaimer: The information included on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional.  Always consult your medical team for help and advice on possible interactions with your treatment plan.