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Support during Breast Cancer Treatment

Support during Breast Cancer Treatment

Posted by Susan B. on Oct 22nd 2020

Between October 1 and October 31, we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a month-long opportunity to increase public awareness about the disease. Thanks to early detection, research, and innovation that deliver new treatments, the rate of recovery and survivorship for this common cancer in women is high. 

Know That You're Not In This Alone

Cancer may feel like a lonely experience. You must understand that you won’t have to face the future alone from the moment you receive that diagnosis. Breast cancer impacts families and the people closest to you, so they are a vital part of a support system. The more support you have, the easier your recovery will be. And that will contribute to a better outcome in your long-term survivorship. Don’t be afraid to lean on your family to maintain your physical and emotional strength. Even if you doubt it, they want you to reach out for moral support or any type of assistance.

How Do You Continue Living Well For As Long As You Can? 

Although life will be different following a breast cancer diagnosis, you shouldn’t let it consume you to where you can’t continue to live a peaceful life that’s as free of stress as possible.

Continue to do the things you enjoy. If yoga is your stress releaser, continue to go to yoga classes, or make time to do it in a quiet place in your home. If you feel up to continuing to work, then, by all means, do so. Naturally, you may have to arrange your schedule around medical and treatment appointments. Still, those shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your usual activities - unless you experience symptoms that are typical side effects of treatment.

Helpful Coping Skills

1. Keep a journal as a way to express and release feelings. A journal can become a useful tool to use when you feel the need to vent your pent up frustrations. You may also want to use the journal as a way to keep track of questions you have for your medical providers or to keep track of the symptoms you experience from your treatment.

2. Find out about breast cancer support groups in your area. You’ll be able to build strong and lasting friendships with fellow group members. You’ll find more support, understanding, and compassion in people who are going through (or may already have gone through) the same experience.

3. Connect with nature. Being outside can boost your mood. If you enjoy gardening, the time you spend in your garden can be meditative and therapeutic. Try going for a walk or just sitting outside to enjoy the environment as well.

4. Permit yourself to take naps if you feel the need to do so. Allow yourself to accept help when family members and friends offer it. They may offer to do laundry, grocery shop, take care of housework or prepare meals. If you are going through treatment, this help can be invaluable, and it will allow you to spend more time with family. It may also contribute to a faster recovery.

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