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Skin Protection for Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

Skin Protection for Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

Posted by Fagen Pharmacy on May 4th 2012

Breast cancer patients looking to protect their skin from radiation therapy side-effects may find My Girls™ Cream at Fagen Pharmacy in Northeast Indiana and Illinois after they undergo radiation at local treatment centers such as Northern Indiana Oncology Center Radiation Therapy. Many radiation oncology clinicians recommend calendula, a key ingredient in the plant-based, fragrance and dye-free My Girls™ Cream as a result of an evidence-based study on topical agents conducted by the Oncology Nursing Society in 2011.

Calendula, extracted from the flower of the marigold plant, and is documented in the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopeia for its helpful benefits with burns, eczema, acne and skin irritations. As a result, many My Girls Cream customers use the cream after radiation treatment ends for their face and body because of its benefits on maintaining healthy skin and because it is fragrance and dye-free.

Theresa Keresztes, a breast cancer survivor and founder of My Girls™ Cream, discovered the cream in Hungary and later developed it for cancer survivors after undergoing radiation for breast cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008.

“I knew about the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of calendula and rosemary after visiting the Georgette Klinger Madison Avenue salon – their approach and ingredients later inspired My Girls™ Cream which calmed and protected my skin from radiation burns, often a side effect of radiation therapy.” commented Ms. Keresztes.

Georgette Klinger’s Madison Avenue salon was one of those quintessential New York experiences. Miss Klinger, whose own complexion was a pampered milky white, began by treating the skin as a tender, living organ, not a surface in need of decoration, an approach that revolutionized cosmetic skin care1. Miss Klinger trained with dermatologists and cosmeticians in Zurich, Budapest and Vienna, as well as in Prague.

"I decided to order some again just to use in general because I liked it so well - it goes on very gently and it contains only healthful and healing ingredients." Wendee McCoy, Cottage Grove, MN, breast cancer survivor and My Girls Cream fan.

My Girls™ Cream is now sampled at more than fifty hospitals and radiation treatment centers in the U.S. as a result of breast cancer patients using it with successful results. Radiation oncology clinicians like it because it helps patients avoid treatment delays associated with radiation burns but also because its’ non-greasy and non-staining creamy texture spreads easily over compromised skin.


1. Georgette Klinger, of Facials Fame, Dies at 88
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My Girls Cream is formulated in Hungary and distributed by Radiant Sun, a company launched in 2008 to help maintain the healthy appearance of the skin during and after treatment for cancer.