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Skin Care After Radiation Treatment

Posted by MD Connect on Jan 5th 2016

Skin Care After Radiation Treatment

Appropriate skin care after radiation treatment is necessary for comfort and healing. Because the skin can be irritated or harmed from radiation treatment, following these guidelines can assist you in avoiding further irritation or pain:

Keep the Skin Clean and Dry    

Skin Care After Radiation Treatment

  • Take a bath or shower daily during the course of your treatment.
  • Wash with a gentle soap only; do not use a washcloth or loofah to scrub the area.
  • Pat treatment areas dry with a towel following your shower; never rub.

Protect the Treatment Area from Further Irritation

  • Avoid clothing that is tight or rough over the treatment area; choose soft, loose-fitting clothes if your skin is irritated.
  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays during the course of your treatment. Cover your skin with clothing and sunscreen if you know you will be spending time in the sun.
  • Ask your doctor to review and approve any moisturizer before you use it to ensure the ingredients are safe for your skin during treatment.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals, perfumes, and dyes in the treatment area. Take special care when choosing an all-natural deodorant if the underarm area is being treated.
  • Avoid shaving the treatment area, which can cause further irritation, dryness, and open skin that is difficult to heal.
  • Do not use ice packs or hot packs on the treatment area, and avoid other extremes like hot tubs or very hot showers.

Stay Moisturized Throughout the Course of Treatment

  • Use a moisturizer that contains Calendula to promote soothing, healing, and protection.
  • Moisturize at least twice daily, usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon, unless your treatment is the morning; then moisturize following treatment and again before bed.
  • Avoid using scented lotions on the treatment area.

Choosing a Skin Care Product

Choosing the right skin care product can prepare your skin for treatment, protect your skin throughout treatment, soothe the discomfort resulting from treatment, and promote faster healing after radiation is finished. Products that contain Calendula are specifically recommended for patients undergoing radiation or topical chemotherapy due to the naturally soothing and healing properties of the Calendula flower on the skin.

My Girls Calendula Skin Care Cream is fragrance and dye free to prevent further reaction or irritation, and contains all-natural ingredients including Calendula in combination with avocado, olive, rosemary, coconut, and jojoba oil to promote healing. Designed specifically for patients undergoing cancer treatments, My Girls Calendula Cream is the perfect skin care after radiation treatment. Visit My Girls website today to learn more.