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Skin Care After Cancer Treatment

Posted by MD Connect on Jan 5th 2016

Skin Care After Cancer Treatment

While chemotherapy and radiation can be highly effective treatments for cancer, they also come with skin-related side effects that can be uncomfortable and may require skin care after cancer treatment. As a matter of fact, most patients undergoing radiation treatment will experience at least some skin changes, most commonly redness, dryness, and soreness, which can occur anywhere that radiation is administered.

Cancer Treatment is Hard on the Skin

Patients report a number of skin conditions that develop following radiation treatment or topical chemotherapy for cancer. Skin reactions are most common when radiation is performed after chemotherapy and may include:

  • Dry Skin - excessively dry skin that is itchy and may flake
  • Rashes - rashes that mimic acne or measles in the treatment area
  • Burns - minor burns resulting from radiation treatment
  • Radiation Damage - peeling or soreness that may occur after repeated treatments
  • Blisters - painful, fluid- or air-filled pockets on the skin

Skin Care After Cancer Treatment

Caring for Skin Damaged by Cancer Treatment

Appropriate skin care following cancer treatment is vital to maintain comfort, prevent worsening of the condition, and promote rapid and full healing. The ingredients in Calendula, a natural herbal plant, are known for soothing skin following radiation or topical chemotherapy. Calendula is specifically effective in diminishing redness, relieving soreness, reducing inflammation, and restoring moisture to dry, damaged skin.

My Girls™ Uses Natural Ingredients for the Best Outcome

My Girls™ Skin Care offers a scientifically advanced skin care cream that provides healing through Calendula combined with benefits from avocado, rosemary, coconut, jojoba, and olive oils. Designed specifically for healing and recovery after medical treatments such as radiation therapy, My Girls Calendula Skin Care Cream is the product of choice for treating skin damage. Once the skin has healed, the cream can be kept on hand to sooth sunburns, windburns, dermatitis, and dry, chapped skin.

The Right Skin Care Regimen

Using My Girls™ Skin Care cream at least two times daily before, during, and after your radiation therapy with your doctor's approval can prepare your skin for treatment, protect your skin throughout the course of treatment, and help your skin heal and recover following your therapy.

To learn more about My Girls™ Skin Care cream or appropriate skin care following cancer treatment, here are a few resources below: