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​My Girls Skin Care™ Introduces Sample Program for Medical Professionals and Supportive Copeful™ App for Cancer Patients

Posted by Bonnie O'Connor on Nov 29th 2023

My Girls Skin Care™, a natural skincare brand dedicated to providing chemically-free skincare comfort for cancer patients during and after radiation treatment, announces the launch of a Sample Program for medical professionals and the Copeful™ app for cancer patients.

The Sample Program increasees awareness of My Girls Skin Care products among medical professionals, specifically radiation oncologists and oncologists. Clinicians can order samples of their products or purchase them for their oncology department to help patients experiencing skin side effects from cancer treatment.

The Copeful app helps cancer patients with strategies for coping with the stress and anxiety that come from a cancer diagnosis. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing the emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis and treatment with a focus on empowerment and relaxation. The Copeful app is now available on the Apple store for free.

The Copeful App was developed by My Girls Skin Care with development support from Advertising Solutions.

“As a cancer survivor, I’m ecstatic my company Advertising Solutions, was chosen to develop Copeful to help foster the hope necessary to fight cancer with valuable resources and support,” said Jason Runyan, owner of Advertising Solutions LLC.

My Girls Skin Care is committed to supporting cancer patients through their journey with natural, chemical-free solutions. The Sample Program and the Copeful app aim to provide hope and comfort during a challenging time.

"For 15 years, My Girls Skin Care has provided skincare solutions for cancer patients. Our empathy for their physical and emotional challenges has driven us to further our mission by creating the Copeful app and Sample Program. We are committed to helping patients maintain skin health and emotional wellness throughout their treatment journey," said Theresa Keresztes, president and founder of My Girls Skin Care.

The My Girls Skin Care products are plant-based and recommended by radiation oncologists, oncologists, and nurses for the care of skin that is compromised due to cancer treatments.

For more information about the Sample Program, My Girls Skin Care, or the Copeful app, please visit their