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Moving On After Stage 2A HER2+ Invasive Carcinoma

Moving On After Stage 2A HER2+ Invasive Carcinoma

Posted by Kim Barbati on Feb 25th 2021

What was your cancer diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with Stage 2A HER2+ (human epdermal growth factor receptor 2) Invasive Carcinoma.

What steps did you take afterwards to find products to help get you through treatment?

I wanted to swap out everything I was using for clean products. After my diagnosis, I was basically only using coconut oil. Soon after radiation, my skin started reacting and then My Girls Skin Care Cream, a plant-based calendula and rose petal cream, was the only thing that gave me relief from the peeling.

What skin side effects did you have from radiation therapy?

Peeling and redness; red bumps.

How did you learn about My Girls and how did it help you?

My Mom did a lot of research for me and found that My Girls Skin Care was the best at fighting skin side effects of radiation therapy.  I am not using it now that treatments have ended, however if I had more I would use it to diminish surgical scars.

How have you changed since your diagnosis?

"Emotionally, I feel like I’m still in it. I’m trying to only do things I really want to do. I lost some of my youth, but I feel like I went through everything a human can grow through in the past 2 years (beat cancer, bought a house, got married and had a baby)." Amanda, New York, NY - Stage 2A HER2+ Invasive Carcinoma

Words of advice for others undergoing cancer treatments/enduring a cancer diagnosis:

Don’t let people tell you cancer happens for a reason. 

Make a point to find support in others who went through it.