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Moving On After Stage 1A Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Moving On After Stage 1A Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Posted by Kim Barbati on Feb 24th 2021

What was your cancer diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Triple Negative Breast Cancer in April 2020.

What steps did you take to find products to help get you through treatment?

I spent a lot of time researching supplements to help with the dryness and redness after radiation and tried a bunch I read about in books. After learning about My Girls from an oncology expert in Austin, I settled on My Girls Cream because the ingredients are clean and it had great reviews.

What skin side effects did you have from radiation therapy?

My Girls Cream helped with the dryness and redness after radiation. I was lucky to not experience peeling after radiation. 

How did you use My Girls Skin Care cream?

I have just finished radiation and am still using the cream and plan on using it for scar mobilization.

Words of advice for others undergoing cancer treatments/enduring a cancer diagnosis:

Don’t get too wrapped up in the stats...

Don't get wrapped up in the statistics and what ‘could be’ with your diagnosis. 

Be as proactive as you can! 

For me that meant adding alternative or integrative therapies during treatment.

How have you changed since your breast cancer diagnosis?

"I am less tolerant of the BS in everyday life. Little things don’t matter to me anymore; I don’t let them bother me. I am more patient with people because they might be going through something." Brianna, Honolulu, Hawaii - Stage 1A TNBC