Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with American Cancer Society

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with American Cancer Society

Posted by Stephen Thomas on Oct 20th 2021

Great day with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer celebrating Survivors as they add their handprint to this year's artwork entitled: Hope. This year's Survivor handpainted canvas will travel to oncology departments and cancer treatment centers to encourage and support people undergoing cancer treatments, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical procedures.  We heard so many Survivor stories of Hope Strength and Courage from our community at this year's American Cancer Society event in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, October 16th 2021 and look forward to hanging this piece together to show our strength and determination to win the fight against breast cancer.

"Have you ever sat through an uncomfortable medical procedure where the only thing to look at was a Norman Rockwell painting of a tooth extraction?  We are hoping that this piece will supply support and encouragement as people undergo cancer treatments."

Please email i
f you would like to see this year's Survivor artwork piece entitled Hope in your cancer treatment center.  Participating facilities receive free My Girls Skin Care samples and Gifts of Comfort.

Will Roth is a 13-year breast cancer survivor and advocate for raising awareness amongst men too. In fact, Will has raised over $50,000 for breast cancer research playing his music for others to enjoy in support of his fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.