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Controlling Skin Burns and Inflammation - A Customer Testimonial

Controlling Skin Burns and Inflammation - A Customer Testimonial

Posted by W. Watson on Jun 4th 2024

Wayne Watson is feeling thankful!

I posted 4 weeks ago about getting a bad case of the newer, more potent poison ivy…never wish that on anyone!!! So 2 tubes of Technu, countless cleaning of clothes/bedding, cortisone creams, & 12 day regimen of prednisone later, things started to settle down & diminish, but my right forearm/elbow area had gotten so swollen that the area was all shriveled up & wrinkled. Well, a good friend/‘ol postal patron saw my post & sent me a few #radiation for #breast #cancer & other #skin issues….she, herself, is a breast cancer survivor and has developed this incredible line of products. After 3 days of applying the cream, my skin transformed back to just about original healthy condition! So I wanted to share her info with you all, be it for those suffering from skin effects from radiation or other skin conditions…& highly recommend her product line….they are truly remarkable! Photos show before & today…3 days! My greatest gratitude to you, Theresa Keresztes, and for your thoughtfulness in sending me your products!! They are amazing! #skinburns #poisonivy #skininflammation