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Calming Calendula Animal Spray is P-AWESOME!

Calming Calendula Animal Spray is P-AWESOME!

Posted by A. Maree on Jun 22nd 2020

Calendula for Dogs is P-AWESOME!

As many My Girls fans know, our calendula cream is most often used by people undergoing radiation therapy for cancer. Yet after treatments end the cream tends to stick around in the medicine cabinet, vanity or first aid kit and is used for a whole host of applications including; to soothe sunburns, calm rosacea, as an extra rich anti-wrinkle night cream, to soothe razor burn, insect bites and sunburns to name a few.  But did you know that Calendula is a wonderful natural herbal remedy for your Dog?  In fact, animals undergoing radiation have used calendula to calm radiation skin side effects, when sprayed on affected areas and also when brewed as a soothing tea for use in a sitz bath.  And our best friends enjoy it to cool their tired paws and relieve hot spots, cuts, scrapes and itchy skin.

More about Calendula

An annual that naturally reseeds, the calendula is a low-maintenance flower or flowering herb. Calendula thrives in shady areas and only requires water sporadically. When in bloom, Calendula also referred to as the pot marigold, produces bright orange and yellow blooms. As blooms are harvested, the plant continues to produce new blooms every three to four days. Both the flower and the foliage have healing properties and can be harvested and used, but most products are made using dried Calendula petals.

Natural Analgesic Properties for Cuts, Scrapes, and Wounds

The reason why Calendula expedites healing of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns and calms the pain that comes with them, is due to the presence of carotenoids and its leaves and stems contain salicylic acid, the analgesic found in aspirin. Additionally, Calendula promotes protein metabolism or the formation of new skin, which is critical in wound healing.

"Moon knows when it's time to apply and she lifts her front paws! Loves a spritz or two after a hot summer walk in the city." - Deirde

Calendula Spray Soothes Moons hot paws


  • Topical Calendula creams are not known to interact with any oral or topical medications, however always consult with a doctor or veterinarian before using Calendula as it is known to interact with some medications when taken orally.
  • Be careful not to apply calendula topically to wounds that are open, oozing or weeping.
  • Calendula should not be given internally to pregnant animals or to cats.
  • Caution should be used in animals having known allergies to plants. For topical use only.

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