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Calendula Skin Cream: A Natural Alternative for Skin Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Calendula Skin Cream: A Natural Alternative for Skin Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Posted by MD Connect on Apr 12th 2016

Calendula skin cream has only recently become more widely recognized for its amazing ability to soothe even the most sensitive skin, including skin affected by radiation dermatitis, and that could leave many to believe this discovery is relatively new. But the fact is, these bright, cheery flowers have been lending themselves to skin care for many centuries.

Calendula Skin Cream Throughout History

Some of the earliest medicinal uses of calendula are recorded in ancient herbals and medical texts from ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, there use and benefits were so widely revered, the bright orange-yellow blooms were frequently woven into ceremonial garlands worn during public events. Even the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra is rumored to have used calendula as an essential part of her beauty routine, and calendula still grows profusely throughout her native land of Egypt. Calendula also has a long and revered history in India, where the calendula flowers are considered to be sacred. Garlands of calendula are sold in many Indian markets, and they play a central role in many events, including funerals and weddings.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula was also used by Roman soldiers to treat scorpion bites, and during the Civil War and World War I, calendula flowers were used to treat soldiers' wounds, helping to reduce inflammation, prevent infection, stanch blood flow and promote healing.

In addition to topical uses, calendula has also been used in foods and beverages, including teas, where the flowers impart a golden hue. Thanks to its yellow color, the flower earned the nickname "poor man's saffron" for the yellowish tinge it lends culinary dishes. Several ancient texts also note the use of the blossoms in treating digestive ailments, including liver and gallbladder problems, and some cultures used the flowers to dye fabrics rich shades or yellow and brown.

Calendula Today: For Healthier Skin

Today, calendula skin cream is becoming recognized as a “go-to” treatment for radiation dermatitis and other skin conditions that cause irritation and localized inflammation. The blossoms' natural anti-inflammatory properties provide an important option for people seeking an effective way to soothe skin without exposing it to harsh chemical ingredients, and in addition to soothing skin, the cream also has been used to reduce the redness associated with many skin conditions like radiation dermatitis, rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

At My Girls™ Skin Care, every calendula skin cream product uses the purest ingredients to enable the natural healing properties of calendula to shine through without being adulterated by artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals. Plus, the special formulation ensures easy application and deep absorption for maximum effect. To learn more about My Girls™ Skin Care or soothing calendula cream, visit the website or use our online contact form to drop us a line.