3.4 Oz Calendula Radiation Burn Care Cream


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My Guys Skin Care cream - now available in a 3.4 oz travel size fits easily into your carry-on or briefcase when travelling. Same formula as My Girls Skin Care yet packaged for men experiencing burns, over-exposure to the elements, razor burns and dry, sensitive skin conditions.

Plant-based, calendula and rose skin care cream made with natural oils including coconut, olive, jojoba and avocado oil plus Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 (known for its benefits of plumping mature skin).  Key ingredients of Calendula and Rosemary, natural herbs with anti-inflammatory benefits, are also useful with reducing redness associated with male rosacea, ezcema, sunburn, windburn and razor burns.  

Key Benefits

  • 100% Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Dye-free Calendula Cream
  • Absorbs quickly, non-greasy, non-staining
  • Water-based vs. petroleum based
  • Calms and soothes radiation-induced dermatitis
  • Vitamin B5 adds moisture and plumping effect to dry or mature skin
  • 10% Calendula - more than homeopathic creams and less expensive per ounce
  • Recommended at U.S. radiation therapy treatment centers and hospitals for maintaining healthy appearance of the skin
  • Natural plant-based creamy formula spreads easily over compromised, dry and skin exposed to repeated radiation therapy
  • Key ingredients of Calendula & Rose naturally reduce redness associated with burns, chafed skin, rosacea, eczema, sunburns, windburns, razor burns and dry, cracked red skin
  • FREE Shipping included and priority mail service available. 
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Amazing Moisturizer!

After 33 radiation treatments, and applying this cream several times a day, my skin is still soft. It never blistered, it was only tender and red for a couple of days. Now it's peeling lightly, like a sunburn would. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you use this Amazing cream!!:
Posted by Krysta Montville, Jul 20th 2020

My Girls Radiaiton Cream

Purchased and used the My Girls radiation cream and happy to report, it worked well. I had 21 sessions and applied the cream 3-4 times a day. The cream is easy to apply and does not stick or stain. At the end of my radiation, I had no burns and was thrilled with my outcome. Highly recommend this cream.
Posted by Pamela A Celli, Jan 30th 2020

My Guys skin cream

This product works, I had very bad skin peeling from the palms of my hands. Went to three Dermatologists with no relief [ they did not have a clue ] , used My Guys and cleared it up.
Posted by Raymond Seborowski, Dec 24th 2019

RE: Calendula Cream

I received a sample of the My Girls calendula cream right before I started my radiation treatments for breast cancer, and I was pleased with the results. The cream worked well with healing the dryness and calming the pain and discomfort of the burn from the radiation. Some redness does remain, but I feel that the condition of my breast would be far worse, had I not been using the cream. When it came time to order, the cream arrived quickly. However I received a jar of My Guys, which I'm assuming is the same formula as the My Girls cream. Also, the cream had leaked a bit from the jar because the quality seal had separated from the rim. I was a bit disappointed about the packaging and shipping, but I'm overall satisfied with the product.
Posted by Melanie E Miller, Dec 8th 2019


Great product.Used it all the time during my radiotherapy, and afterwards. Kept skin redness and burn in check. My Oncologist didn't know the product, however he praised it for the good work it has done. Highly recommended for those severe cases.
Posted by Richard Khalifé, May 31st 2018

My Guys

My husband has used this product through seven weeks of radiation. It has been a lifesaver! It goes on much more easily than other creams, does not stain his shirts, and literally saved his neck! A+++
Posted by Becky, Jan 12th 2018

Great product

The best product out there. I would recomend this to anyone getting radiation therapy. A+
Posted by Laura, Aug 15th 2017