7 Side Effects of Cancer Treatment, and How to Cope with Them

More than 1.5 million men and women were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2010, the National Cancer Institute estimates.The treatment options for most of them probably included chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But the treatments often produce side effects including nausea, pain and
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Radiation Dermatitis Research for Radiation Oncology Nurses

Implementing Evidence Based Practice in the Prevention of Radiodermatitis in an Outpatient Radiation Oncology Department November 1, 2015 Volume 93, Issue 3, Supplement, Page E467 Authors: M.L. King, D. Grunick, E. McDonald, R. Mitchell, Purpose/Objective(s) Radiation dermatitis is one of the m
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A Cream for Radiation Patients

Dear Warriors,Last time I told you about the newest developments treating skin cancers. Well I want to share with you some information I received from Pharmacist Jim Spanopoulos on a new cream called My Girls™ Cream, which protects the skin during radiation. I've found some good reviews on this
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