DCIS to Stage III Lobular Breast Cancer After 12 Years ...

I'm not just the President of My Girls Skin Care, I'm also part of the My Girls Community having undergone treatment for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ or DCIS, in my left breast 12 years ago and now again this year; Lobular Cancer in my right breast. While my DCIS was non-invasive breast cancer, mea
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Share Your My Girls™ Skin Care Story?

Share your story? My Girls Skin Care is responding to requests from men and women undergoing cancer treatments all over the world, most recently in; France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, USA and the United Kingdom. Would you be willing to share your story with
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7 Side Effects of Cancer Treatment, and How to Cope with Them

More than 1.5 million men and women were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2010, the National Cancer Institute estimates.The treatment options for most of them probably included chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But the treatments often produce side effects including nausea, pain and
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