Radiation Therapy Begins Again -This Time for Lobular Cancer at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

It seems the ever friendly folks at #DutchBros. #WestLinn #Oregon know I am about to start radiation for #lobular #breastcancer under the expertise of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Outpatient Oncology - wonderfully caring professionals located conveniently right across from #Nike in #Beaverton - maybe pick up a pair of new sneaks on my way home today and definitely going to need #MyGirlsSkinCare to calm the #skin #side-effects of #radiation #therapy to the #breast #clavicle and #lymphnodes.

My Girls contains 10% Calendula, a plant-based herb known for anti-inflammatory benefits and natural analgesic effect.  More Calendula per ounce than other over-the-counter skin care products used to calm the skin side effects of radiation burns and recommended by radiation oncologists for comforting the skin during and after radiation therapy #treatment for #cancer. Learn more @ www.mygirlscream.com

Below is a 17 minute video, produced by the American Society for Radiation Oncology (#ASTRO) that really helped me lessen my stress and learn more about undergoing radiation therapy. Watch here @