Calendula for Sensitive Skin

What is Calendula?

Calendula is a botanical substance extracted from a variety marigold plant that has long been reveled for its powerful medicinal properties including soothing irritated skin, radiation burns, acne, rosacea and reducing inflammation and redness. During the Civil War, it’s reported that calendula flowers were applied to soldiers’ wounds to prevent skin infection and aid healing. In fact, Calendula flowers were used in ancient Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures as a medicinal herb, as well as a natural dye for fabrics, foods, and cosmetics. Many of these uses persist today. They are also used to make oil that protects the skin and help scratches and shallow cuts heal faster and prevent infection.


Calendula skincare creams have widespread appeal, especially in Europe and Asia, for use in natural cosmetic skin-care products that reduce redness and improve clarity and as an alternative to body moisturizing creams containing parabens and petroleum. These benefits combined with anti-inflammatory properties of the plant and help with wound healing are what make My Girls™ Skin Care uniquely suited to soothing and plumping dry, delicate, burned or irritated skin that may result from medical and dermatological procedures.


Our plant-based, calendula skin care cream is recommended in US radiation oncology and treatment centers for radiation-induced dermatitis*. My Girls™ Calendula Skin Care cream samples are available to healthcare professionals seeking a better standard of comfort in patient care here: Product Samples.

As many customers use My Girls™ Skin Care for many sensitive skin conditions, our devoted team of skincare experts handcrafted a new line of paraben-free skincare products focused on Calendula Officianalis Extract; the active ingredient to help diminish redness and inflammation that accompanies acne, skin burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and medical treatments such as radiation therapy treatments and skin side effects of chemotherapy. 

Our customers love our products because we provide comfort and peace of mind for those who wish to decrease toxins in the products they buy and a portion of profits are donated to quality of life measures in patient care and groundbreaking breast cancer research.


* "85% patient satisfaction with the lotion use on intact skin vs. petroleum based gel" 
International Journal of Radiation Oncology