Calendula Animal Spray for Anti-Itch and Burncare

Zen in a Bottle - Calendula Animal Anti-Itch and Burn Care Spray is P-awesome...

Your best friend will thank you after receiving medical treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy that can come with unpleasant side effects that dry the skin and make your animal super sensitive to the hugs you know they need.

Widely known and used in Europe and Asia, Calendula or Marigold, is a natural herb used to remedy and soothe sensitive skin. It is excellent for natural properties that heal and calm inflamation that can be a side effect of radiation burns and skin irritation after medical procedures.  It is also wonderfully soothing on burrs, hot spots, scrapes and insect bites.

As many of our customers and recommending radiation oncology nurses have chosen My Girls Skin Care to soothe the skin side effects of radiation therapy, we learned that animals are also using our formula to soothe their skin as they undergo cancer treatments. In addition to our soothing creams based on our key ingredient Calendula, we offer healing relief for animal friends in our popular new 
My Best Friend Calming Calendula Animal Spray that soothes, cools and calms their sensitive skin.  Spritz and go and Fido will be happy to get on with their day of hunting, sniffing, eating or just relaxing in that special place.

cosmos.jpgCosmos the poodle enjoys long walks in the park and flirting with his girlfriend. He is especially happy after a friendly little neighbor picks sticks and leaves out of his tail and ends her pampering with the cooling mist of My Best Friend.

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