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Radiation Burn Care

Calendula has been used since ancient times to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation of irritated skin. Today, it is often seen in use in creams and as a topical aid to treat acne, skin burns, reduce skin inflammation, and calm irritated skin due to repeated radiation therapy treatmemnts. The current standard of care varies and is often based on anecdotal evidence.

Radiation oncology physicians, nurses and radiation oncology therapists on the front line of patient care are well aware of the benefits of calendula as a plant-based alternative for radiation burn skin care and as an alternative to traditional creams to relieve the effects of radiated skin so patients can better tolerate their treatments. 

Because My Girls Skin Care contains 10% calendula officianalis extract; more than homeopathic creams and lotions, plus rosemary extract - a natural herb also with anti-inflammatory benefits, it has developed a following among radiation oncology clinicians and breast cancer patients as well as head and neck cancer patients who suffer from skin side effects of radiation therapy.

Our products below are best sellers and provide relief to people undergoing treatments during and after treatments end as a facial moisturizer and all-over bodycare moisturizer for a healthy glow that comes with clear, youthful looking skin. 

My Girls Skin Care and My Guys Skin Care for men may be used to diminish skin irritations and skin conditions including; eczema, rosacea, acne, razor burn, dry, cracked, red skin, sunburns, wind burns and to minimize the appearance of surgical scars and fine lines on the face. 

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