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Natural Skincare During and After Treatment

As many customers continue using My Girls  after treatments end, our devoted team of skincare experts handcrafted a line of natural skincare products focused on a key ingredient: calendula, also known as marigold. Calendula cream is well-known for its efficacy in radiation burn care; patients undergoing radiation have relied on calendula for soothing relief of radiated skin and protection against dermatitis. However, many consumers claim significant improvement when using calendula cream for other indications, such as reducing redness from skin irritations, beautifying the skin and healing wounds.

All of our products are hand-made with a specific skin condition in mind, whether it be to minimize the appearance of surgical scars, to soften fine lines on the face, to calm eczema, rosacea, acne, razor burn or dry, cracked, red skin from sunburn or windburn. And our customers love our products because we provide comfort while undergoing medical treatments and peace of mind for those who wish to decrease toxins in the products they buy.



  • Moisturizing Calendula Serum

    Moisturizing Calendula Serum

    Plump & Smooth! Renew your complexion with our fast acting, absorbent serum infused with Calendula and Rose Petal Extract to plump the skin and reduce fine lines. Proteins and vitamins prime the skin for make-up or set the stage for a natural glow...

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