NEW Gift of Comfort beautifully wrapped for friends and family...

Our new My Girls™ Skin Care gift set includes our ever popular 6.8 Oz jar, handy 1.7 Oz tube, a pair of fuzzy socks and 1 Oz sample to share with friends beautifully wrapped and packaged in either black with pink trim or white with pink trim gift bag.

Fuzzy socks may be worn over night with the cream to soothe and repair dry, sensitive feet!!

My Girls cream is a plant-based, calendula and rosemary skin cream made with natural oils including coconut, olive, jojoba and avocado oil.  It is free of parabens, fragrance or dyes for people who need to maintain the natural moisture balance of healthy skin after over-exposure to the sun, wind and/or medical treatments such as radiation therapy and topical dryness associated with chemotherapy.

Creamy, plant-based formula spreads easily over delicate, compromised skin with a whipped cream-like texture.

A great gift of comfort for family and friends who suffer from dry, cracked skin and those who may be undergoing medical treatments that compromise the skin.

Gift wrapped inner box holds products safely, tied with colorful ribbons and shipped in gift bag enclosed in outer box for safe keeping. Ships within 24 hours!

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